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Caribbean (not-so) cool

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Dear Diary :)

Since the time I went to dentist early this year (it was my first time and the experience is nothing to write about), I have become pretty religious about brushing so that further visits could be avoided. Even though he told me that a visit after every 6 months is required for dental hygiene and once a year is mandatory! I am not sure if it was his marketing gimmick or a serious advice but I told him prevention is better then cure so I’ll try brushing all the time!We’ve always used Colgate or Aqua Fresh but I like trying different and new brands so the other day I bought Colgate Caribbean Cool which promised to make my teeth sparkling white and had the taste of fruits. Unless you like drinking papaya juice or a strong bitter fruit punch, I bet you wouldn’t want to waste your money on it and there’s no hint of mint as advertised. I used it only thrice because I thought maybe if I continue using it, I’ll get used to it! But every time I felt like throwing up and had to give it up. Now I have the whole tube with me and since there’s no accounting for tastes maybe some one might like it! Dare to try, anyone?


RF is back!

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Sports, Tennis

“I want that trophy,” RF said.

And he got it; that too, in straight sets beating 6th seeded Andy Murray! The year that didn’t start well for him, ended with a bang!Today, Roger Federer became the first person in the history of tennis to win 5 consecutive US open titles. With this, he also holds the record of possessing 5 consecutive Wimbledon titles. The dual record of being victorious in two grand slams events 5 times is another triumph which no one holds in the tennis world. Too much talk about records, huh? Here comes another one, he is just one grand slam title behind Pete Sampras. Looking forward to him equaling and breaking the record next year and specially winning on clay! Cherry on top would be getting his No. 1 spot back 🙂
From the home front, Shoaib Akhtar is back in the news with his performance (not with the ball though). I wonder how come he didn’t pull a hamstring this time!