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If passing through the qualifying round for the world cup by 4-times champions wasn’t humiliating enough, the dismal performance at the world cup  was the last straw.

And when PHF chief Qasim Zia can give comments like they didn’t have any hopes of winning but had no idea we’ll lose in this way, it makes one wonder if they didn’t go to win, why did they even bother to go to India for playing? What is the mindset of the players and the management who even before going have decided that they know they won’t win :S

And now after performing so well, the team has decided to resign! Now, this is the first time I’ve ever heard anything like this!

Anyways, there are two hilarious things related to players outfit. See the pictures!

indian hockey players outfits in worldcup 2010

Indian hockey players outfits in worldcup 2010

Check out their shoes and socks color! Orange socks with pink, yellow shoes!!!!

Team Spain

Team Spain

And then there were guys wearing Princess shirts :P:D