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There’s a saying that

Love means nothing in tennis!

It doesn’t seem to be the case in Shoaib-Sania story. Watching a re-run of the match on Geo Super on 29th march, I came across the running slide about Shoaib Malik announcing his engagement to Sania Mirza. However, the first thing that came to my mind is another rumour-scandal being telecasted on Geo. But I did texted a few Friends-and-Family about this breaking bits of news and we did their response ranged from being skeptical to hilarious with the popular opinion being Shoaib attachment to Indian girls 😉

Sania Mizra, Ayesha Siddqiuim Shoaib Malik, Sayali Bhagat

Shoaib Malik with his girls 😉

Anyways, with all the drama being played out on media these days with Pakistan rejoicing, India fuming and Shoaib alleged wife portraying herself as a victim, I have a few things to say.

a)      The wedding between the two will not be bringing peace to India-Pakistan relations. Get real, everybody! Mohsin Khan married an Indian actress; did it create a bridge between the arch rivals? Imran Khan’s marriage to Jemima Khan (Goldsmith?) didn’t make Pakistan and UK buddies, did it? And I’m sure Shoaib and Sania didn’t decide to marry to make the two countries relation cordial!

 b)      Can every news channel in Pakistan (dunno about India) stop obsessing over the wedding and playing songs after every line the utter. For example,

 Shoaib Malik met the press today. *Song*. He seemed relaxed and way in a very happy mood. *Song about being happy and in love*…[cycle repeats]…And by now if you haven’t understood the Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha love triangle listen to this song. *Mixed songs* [And yes these were the words that the news caster said last night]

 c)       Where was Ayesha in the past few months/years? Why didn’t she ask for divorce earlier if the two weren’t together for years?

 Instead of making their marriage a whole Shakespearean tragedy with Shiv Sena threatening and Ayesha’s family registering a case, why not let the two get married in peace. Isn’t this what the Indian films try to depict that love transcends all including border where the most recent example is of Veer-Zara.

Gillete Champions

Gillete Champions

The most interesting thing however that comes to mind related to the whole incident is the Gillete Curse. A gillete ad shows Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Theirry Henry and our own Sahoaib Malik all of whom except Federer have been involved in scandalized affairs.  Is Ayesha case the Gillete curse for Shoaib?

 I hope the wedding is not called off after the whole drama. I was just wondering what will we be calling them? ShoSan? Sanaib?

P.S.  While writing this, I came to know that the police have done an initial investigation, taken Shoaib’s passport and he has affirmed to the nikah with Ayesha finally!