Aisam’s historic run

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Pakistan, Sports, Tennis
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It was an unbelievable run. They were amazing records set in terms of Pakistan tennis history. In the end, the finals were awesome. And the cherry on top was the message in the speech. Aisam you truly made us proud and in no way you let us down in the last two days. If anything, you let us up. News about your winning matches in US Open 2010 has been the best news coming from Pakistan in the last two weeks. And we loved the way you not only spoke about tennis but about floods effecting our country, and emphasizing about Pakistani being friendly, loving and caring.

Aisam ul Haq Qurieshi at Men's Double Final at US Open

Aisam ul Haq Qureshi at Men's Double Final at US Open

The final was very well played; Rohan and u, gave the Bryans tough competition. Even in your loss, the Indo-Pak Express has won the hearts of people of Pakistan-India and world over. I believe it must have been the first time Indian and Pakistanis both must have hoping and praying for player of across the border to win a match!! Looking forward to seeing you lift the trophy next time inshAllah:)

  1. aubykhan says:

    Absolutely correct! Seeing him play with his heart out.. for his country.. was really overwhelming and a lesson to those who sell their country for some bucks!
    and the message he gave was really up to his caliber! I m a fan now 😀

    The way they fought n give such a tough time to the top seeded also make me hopeful that with a little more effort they’ll gonna rock the tennis world insha’Allah!

    Also worth mentioning was the kind act of Bryan bros.. that they donated for flood victims of Pakistan immediately after the match 🙂

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