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After the remarkable success of Checkerzzz Lite in Android Market, eXcelarz Interactive has released a paid version with enhanced features titled Checkerzzz Pro. The Checkerzzz follow the rules of conventional Checkers with slight variation making it more flexible and enjoyable for players ensuring them with a pleasing past time. The main features of Checkerzzz Pro are:

  • Challenging Casual, Normal, Pro single player mode
  • Exciting Multiple Player
  • Allows the users to randomize player’s first turn
  • Provide the option to configure undo moves
  • Doesn’t enforce force capture making the game captivating
  • Comes packaged with 4 amazing themes
  • Smooth, impeccable game play
  • Awesome graphics
  • Unique scoring mechanism with Player performance statistics
Checkerzzz Pro

Checkerzzz Pro

To check out the game, download Checkerzz Pro from Android Market and have a joyful time playing an all time classic board game in a versatile manner.

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