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There’s a saying that

Love means nothing in tennis!

It doesn’t seem to be the case in Shoaib-Sania story. Watching a re-run of the match on Geo Super on 29th march, I came across the running slide about Shoaib Malik announcing his engagement to Sania Mirza. However, the first thing that came to my mind is another rumour-scandal being telecasted on Geo. But I did texted a few Friends-and-Family about this breaking bits of news and we did their response ranged from being skeptical to hilarious with the popular opinion being Shoaib attachment to Indian girls 😉

Sania Mizra, Ayesha Siddqiuim Shoaib Malik, Sayali Bhagat

Shoaib Malik with his girls 😉

Anyways, with all the drama being played out on media these days with Pakistan rejoicing, India fuming and Shoaib alleged wife portraying herself as a victim, I have a few things to say.

a)      The wedding between the two will not be bringing peace to India-Pakistan relations. Get real, everybody! Mohsin Khan married an Indian actress; did it create a bridge between the arch rivals? Imran Khan’s marriage to Jemima Khan (Goldsmith?) didn’t make Pakistan and UK buddies, did it? And I’m sure Shoaib and Sania didn’t decide to marry to make the two countries relation cordial!

 b)      Can every news channel in Pakistan (dunno about India) stop obsessing over the wedding and playing songs after every line the utter. For example,

 Shoaib Malik met the press today. *Song*. He seemed relaxed and way in a very happy mood. *Song about being happy and in love*…[cycle repeats]…And by now if you haven’t understood the Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha love triangle listen to this song. *Mixed songs* [And yes these were the words that the news caster said last night]

 c)       Where was Ayesha in the past few months/years? Why didn’t she ask for divorce earlier if the two weren’t together for years?

 Instead of making their marriage a whole Shakespearean tragedy with Shiv Sena threatening and Ayesha’s family registering a case, why not let the two get married in peace. Isn’t this what the Indian films try to depict that love transcends all including border where the most recent example is of Veer-Zara.

Gillete Champions

Gillete Champions

The most interesting thing however that comes to mind related to the whole incident is the Gillete Curse. A gillete ad shows Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Theirry Henry and our own Sahoaib Malik all of whom except Federer have been involved in scandalized affairs.  Is Ayesha case the Gillete curse for Shoaib?

 I hope the wedding is not called off after the whole drama. I was just wondering what will we be calling them? ShoSan? Sanaib?

P.S.  While writing this, I came to know that the police have done an initial investigation, taken Shoaib’s passport and he has affirmed to the nikah with Ayesha finally!


A few days back, I came across Aman ki asha ad on Geo and thought what’s the use apart from some concerts held here and there achieving no lasting objective? Then I got to know the ads were even biased towards Indians and it infuriated me that we could have done a better job at making the ads. Just a few days later, firing across LoC started killing Pakistani soldiers. Well, there goes Aman ki aasha in the gutter.

No to IPL

No to IPL

If that wasn’t enough reply to the peace process and friendliness being extended by Pakistan, Indians came up with another scheme for humiliating us. Being a bit of sports crazy person, I am more upset at no Pakistani players selected for Indian Premier League (IPL) 3rd edition. Because I can keep sports, political relations, religious matter separate. Since ages, we keep on hearing that cricket is the only thing that can bring us together or that instead of politicians, players should meet, discuss and resolve matters and etc etc. But in reality, Indians are unable to deliver on what they say. I fail to understand why Lalit Modi and the IPL management had to pull a stunt like this. Pakistani players were banned from IPL 2.0 even when the venue was shifted to South Africa. If they didn’t want to include us even now, why go through all the drama of having their names in the auction list. Also, can they stop giving inane comments like only minimum players were to be selected and Bangladesh players are not selected so why are we making the fuss? How can they even compare the players of the nation who won T20 World Cup last year and were finalist the year before.  No matter how we are performing these days, we’ve the best T20 players in the form of Shahid Afridi, Sohail Tanvir, Umer Akmal, Mohammed Aamer. And remember the first IPL and Rajasthan Royals team who won it. Sohail Tanvir was instrumental in their victory both with bat and ball.

I’m really pleased that Pakistani channels and cable operators won’t be showing the IPL matches.  Hopefully, Pakistani commentators would refuse to go to India when asked. And I am sure all the Pakistanis are boycotting viewing the IPL after this fiasco. Because if that’s the way India reply to friendliness then we can respond in the same way. Also, Dear Pakistani Cricket Team could you guys please start to give more consistent (winning) performance so that no one takes advantage of us in this manner!

A few days back, our news channels were swarmed with videos of a girl being flogged on charges of having illicit relations in Swat. And then started the whole run of the mill routine of condemnation of the act, rallies and protests by human rights activists, political parties and the inane statements by our government. The act happened (if the video is authentic) so what mattered was not if it happened before the peace deal or not but it occurred without any legal trial to establish the charge.

I never intended to write about it but the media started having discussions and the experts (?) started voicing their opinions. On one channel, a lady said she didn’t agree with the punishment (not just in this case but the whole idea). Oh well, nobody does agree with the way things are happening in Swat, but we shouldn’t forget about the hudood laws set by Allah or question the law as given in the Holy Quran. How some people try to mould Islamic rules and regulations catering to their needs reflecting their own brand of Islamization is not the true picture of the religion preached by Prophet Mohammad (SAW).

The whole point of my above rants is Islam doesn’t have types like extremist Islam, moderate Islam which we keep hearing every where. It’s just not a religion but a way of life. Because some people chose to churn out their own version OR don’t agree with the laid laws OR make amendments, their portrayal of Islamic principles will not be considered as Islam.

Anyways, posting the ayahs as given in the Holy Quran related to the subject. Everybody note the act is considered a great sin,the way to establish charge is given in clear, and false charge is dealt harshly to.

Adultery – Fornication Sexual misconduct – a great offense (sin)

“And come not near to adultery. It is an abomination and an evil way”

Bunn-e-Israel (17:32)

Persons guilty of adultery and fornication will meet chastisement and ignominy in the HereAfter.

“And those who appeal not to any other god along with Allah, nor take the life which Allah has forbidden save in (course of) justice, or commit adultery and who does this shall face the penalty. The doom will be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will abide therein disdained forever. ”

Al Furqan (25:68 – 25:69)

Punishment for fornication by unmarried man and woman – flog publicly with stripes as a deterrent (ordained during the year 5 AH)

“Flog both the adulterer man and the adulteress woman (with) a hundred stripes. And let not pity for the twain withhold you from compliance to Allah, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. And let a party of believers witness their punishment.”

Al Noor (24:2)

It’s interesting to note that the punishment for stoning to death for adultery was also mentioned in Torah. Also, the punishment is for both the partners because it takes two to tango! Now coming over to the part about how the matter should be judged

Evidence of four witnesses to testify the crime of adultery or fornication

“As for those of your women are guilty of sexual offense call to witness four of your against them. And if they testify (to the truth of the allegation) then confine them to their houses until death takes them or (until) Allah grants them a way.”

Al Nisa (4:15)

And since it’s such a personal matter thereby requiring testimony of four persons indicates that the matter is not to be taken lightly.

Punishment for a person who launches charge of adultery, incest in chaste lady but fails to produce a witness

However, if the accusations are proved false, Allah also tells us a way to deal with the person levying such a great slander

And those who accuse honorable women but bring not four witness, flog them (with) eighty stripes and never (afterwards) accept their testimony – They indeed are evildoers.

Al Nisa (24:4)

“As for those who slander virtuous, believing women (who are) careless, cursed are they in the world and HereAfter. Theirs will be an awful doom. ”

Al Noor (24:23)

“Liyan” – Accusing wife of adultery without any support of evidence and procedure of establishing charge

The following ayahs relate to when a married man accuses the way of wrong doing

“As for those who launches a charge against their wives but have (in support0 no witness except of their own, let one of them testify four times (swearing) by Allah that he is of those who speak the truth. And yet a fifth (oath) should be solemnly invoking the curse of Allah on himself if he is of those who tell a lie. ”

Al Noor (24:6- 24:7)

Procedure of refutation of charge by wife for the acquittal

And to prevent the woman from being accused wrongly, the following way can be taken by the woman

“And it shall avert the punishment for the wife if she bears witness before Allah four times (with an oath) that the thing he (her husband) says is indeed false. And a fifth (time) oath should be that the wrath (anger) of Allah be upon herself if her husband speaks the truth. And had it not been for the grace of Allah and His mercy to you, and that Allah is Clement, Wise (you had been ruined). “

Al Noor (24:8 – 24:10)

And so no one is penalized in this world and judgment is left in Allah’s hands as He is All-Knowing.

Preventive measure against molestation, fornication and slander

And to prevent the Muslims from this evil, Allah even guides us a way

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze and to guard their private parts. This is virtuous for them. Surely Allah is aware of what they do.”

Al Noor (24:30)

Now, the questions that should have been asked by the media, human right activist should have been who the witnesses were and who authorized such a brutal act? Since as far as I know, the whole episode occurred because a neighbor had a ‘suspicion’ about the lady in question. Now, if there were no witnesses to the whole deed, why isn’t the neighbor with his ‘suspicion’ being penalized as directed? And also to tell them that Islamic principles don’t apply on females only!

Federer and Mirka togetherJust wanted to share a bit of news I came across. Roger Federer and his girlfriend (of more then 8 years) Mirka are going to have their first baby which is due in summer this year. (Do I hear sounds of heart breaking? 😛 😉 )

And just a bit of selfishness on my part. I hope the baby doesn’t arrive during the remaining Grand Slams of the year making us miss Daddy Fed in action!

While watching the news last Saturday, which happened to be 14th of Feb and hence St. Valentine’s day and celebrated for unknown reason in our part as well, the 9’0 clock news was interrupted for important breaking news. The breaking news which took precedence over the deadly devastation caused by drone attack in Swat by our dear US of A killing at least 28 people related to attack by “danda bardar afrad” (people carrying sticks) at a valentine day special event held at Nisar Shaheed Park, DHA, Karachi. According to the news casters and ticker running on the news channel (and I am not making any of this up)

“Kaye sou afrad aurtain and bachay sameet danda bardar nay yarghmal bana liye hain. Ilaqay mein khauf o hiras phel chukka hai. Loggon nay bhaag kar apne jaan bachiye and mooatad loog zakhmi hain. Taqreeb ko multwai kardia gaya hai and baad mein hone wala concert cancel kardia gaya hai”

Loosely translated it means

“Hundreds of people including women and children are being held as hostage by the attackers. There’s an aura of fear all around the area. People ran away to save their lives (from the so-called attackers) and many got injured during the process. The event being held is stopped and the concert which was to take place later at night has been cancelled”

Now, they took their on-field reporter on line who said the situation is under control and the protestors are outside the park. To which the newscaster asked the following questions

  • How many people are kept hostage by them?
  • How many have been injured? And
  • What are the steps being taken to free the hostage?

To all these questions the reporter replied that there’s no hostage situation and nobody has been harmed. The real story is that esha prayers were taking place in a nearby mosque and the namazees (people offering prayers in the mosque) had requested the event holders to lower or turn off the music while the prayers are being held. When they didn’t entertain their request, they came over to protest against it after the prayers. Today, I found out that the people had been requesting to lower the music since zuhr prayers and since their requests were falling on deaf ears they decided to take an action.

Now, I am not at all crazy about celebrating an event which is not in our culture and religion and I am totally against using force to make people understand your point of view. When I heard the news for the first time about the event being attacked I thought that if they were trying to disrupt the function, they’ll add fuel to fire and it’ll be celebrated with more fervor the next year to spite them. And it’ll also create a bad image for the general maulvi public. But after hearing the whole story, I am amazed at how just a bit of normal news spiced up can take up/waste so much of airtime. If the above situation was news, it definitely wasn’t breaking and it sure wasn’t more important then attack on swat.

If till now, you people haven’t figured out which news channel was under discussion it was GEO News which always keeps us updated about the minute-by-minute changing situation 😛

So “we” have a new President who was sworn in yesterday and the inauguration ceremony watched live throughout the world. None of us know how much “change” the world would see but everyone is hopeful for things to get better. From last night onwards, all I heard on TV/Radio or discussions going around me revolving around the words ‘Obama’, ‘black’, ‘Martin Luther King’,’I have a dream’, ‘African’, ‘speech’, ‘inauguration’, ‘Muslims’, ‘Bush’, ‘Clinton’, ‘Judge scrambled the oath’. I think you get the idea!

Anyways, a few days back somebody told me that Obama had earlier said something to the effect that destroying Maakah and Medina would solve the problems. I was skeptical that if he had uttered or even indicated such intentions why wasn’t there any uproar from the Muslim World? Or maybe I am forgetting that we Muslims never stand for each other but always only rely on Allah to set things straight without any effort. Even what he said about Pakistan didn’t stir a reaction in us so it would be nothing new. So, I just googled about this piece of news and much to my surprise I found links but they needed authentication for viewing. Changing the text being searched didn’t help but there were forums discussing this news (rumour?). (I just check the first page of results returned so maybe I missed links).

However, all this brought to attention a hadith mentioned in Sahih Muslim, Book 41: 41. The Book Pertaining to the Turmoil and Portents of the Last Hour (Kitab Al-Fitan wa Ashrat As-Sa`ah), Number 6951

Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The Ka’ba would be destroyed by an Abyssinian having two small shanks (shins).

Not putting any 2’s together, or giving out a conspiracy theory, I wonder if Obama is really “good” for us and is the “change” we all want to see?

Grieving for Gaza – II

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Musings!, Views on News

After almost two weeks of Israel attack on Gaza, the UN Security Council called for a ceasefire (no points for guessing which country didn’t participate in the voting process!) which in reality didn’t affect a thing as Israel continues its one sided war. By and large, the whole world watches mutely except for French President Nicolas Sarkozy attempts to call for an end to the crisis and Egypt efforts to bring up a truce. The sad part is there’s not much hue and cry from the Muslim world which makes up 1/5th of the entire globe population. And the ruler of the world broke his silence a few days back (eights days after the attacks started, to be exact) saying he was concerned over the killings in Gaza. I mean, just ‘concerned’ and nothing else? If he’s concerned why there’s no action? It makes me wonder again, would the situation be same had Palestine transgressed their limits?

Israel stance was Hamas was firing rockets which caused them to retaliate. Now, if it’s true (or even if it’s), less then 20 casualties have been reported on their side while more then 750 Palestinian have died of which 1/3rd are children. And then they bombard a school and ambulances which I am pretty sure were harmless and in no way were capable of launching a counter attack against the Israel shelling and firing. Jews never let us forget about the holocaust they suffered at Hitler hands and in some countries there are even laws prohibiting citizens to discuss or voice their opinion against it. There are conspiracy theories that the holocaust never happened or didn’t happen at such a large scale and it’s a simple Zionist propaganda. But that’s beside the point, because the point I want to emphasize is that what will the Jews say to senseless genocide of Palestinian being carried out in the past two weeks? How is bombarding civilians’ areas, school or shelling at ambulance justified?

It’s an outright attack where the aggressors are known but no attempt to punish/cease the offender? Hypocrisy at its best!