Who would’ve thought (I didn’t) that Wimbledon, 2010 would be filled with such excitement, drama, disappointments; tense filled moments from the word Go! To me, it seemed tennis would take a backseat with the football word cup fever but surprise surprise there was loads of action (still on) from the first day.

Roger Federer waves to the crowd after losing quater final at wimbeldon,2010

Is this goodbye?

First, it seemed Federer would be eliminated from the first round by
Alejandro Falla. Man, was that some match for Federer fans and it was in the 5th set, that we finally glimpsed a bit of his real charisma. And we all breathed a sigh of relief just to be in the verge of our seats his second round match against Illija Bozoljac. That was another awesome match and Federer just got lucky in winning that. Otherwise, Bozo had used all he had to entertain us and maybe cause a shocking upset. The interesting part was when the match ended, the crowd applauded the loser most and instead of the tradition that the losing party leaves the court before the winner, they both left together as if it was a doubles match! And yes they both had won.

The first two matches indicated that Federer needed to play his game and he did in the next two. But eventually we saw him leave in quarter finals and with it my interest in Wimbledon has diminished except for the part that I don’t want Nadal, Murray or Djokovic to win the title. So that leaves us with one obvious choice of Berdych to go on and surprise/shock us more by winning the title.

Aisam and Bopana with Stop war, Start tennis jackets

Aisam and Bopana with Stop war, Start tennis jackets

The other highlight for me was to see Aisam and Bopana reach Quarter finals and beyond. I followed their progress from first round and wanted them to go the whole distance but alas that didn’t happen as well. However, it was a good effort for them and their jackets with ‘Stop War, Start Tennis’ did really put them in the headlines. It wasn’t India and Pakistan playing across but Pakistan-India playing side by side! Awesome effort guys in reaching top 8. A great round of applause especially for Aisam for trying and portraying a better image of his country to the world.

Isner and Mahut pose with the score baord

Isner and Mahut pose with the score baord

And now how can I miss the never ending match which finally did end after three days and took 11 hours five minutes to finish. Watching it was a treat with both Isner and Mahut as winners for me. The mental strength for Mahut who always had to serve to remain in the match, both of their perseverance, physical strength and will to keep playing is too amazing for words.


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Roger Federer after losing to Thomas Berdych

Roger Federer after losing to Thomas Berdych

Exactly what I feel like right now!

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There’s a saying that

Love means nothing in tennis!

It doesn’t seem to be the case in Shoaib-Sania story. Watching a re-run of the match on Geo Super on 29th march, I came across the running slide about Shoaib Malik announcing his engagement to Sania Mirza. However, the first thing that came to my mind is another rumour-scandal being telecasted on Geo. But I did texted a few Friends-and-Family about this breaking bits of news and we did their response ranged from being skeptical to hilarious with the popular opinion being Shoaib attachment to Indian girls 😉

Sania Mizra, Ayesha Siddqiuim Shoaib Malik, Sayali Bhagat

Shoaib Malik with his girls 😉

Anyways, with all the drama being played out on media these days with Pakistan rejoicing, India fuming and Shoaib alleged wife portraying herself as a victim, I have a few things to say.

a)      The wedding between the two will not be bringing peace to India-Pakistan relations. Get real, everybody! Mohsin Khan married an Indian actress; did it create a bridge between the arch rivals? Imran Khan’s marriage to Jemima Khan (Goldsmith?) didn’t make Pakistan and UK buddies, did it? And I’m sure Shoaib and Sania didn’t decide to marry to make the two countries relation cordial!

 b)      Can every news channel in Pakistan (dunno about India) stop obsessing over the wedding and playing songs after every line the utter. For example,

 Shoaib Malik met the press today. *Song*. He seemed relaxed and way in a very happy mood. *Song about being happy and in love*…[cycle repeats]…And by now if you haven’t understood the Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha love triangle listen to this song. *Mixed songs* [And yes these were the words that the news caster said last night]

 c)       Where was Ayesha in the past few months/years? Why didn’t she ask for divorce earlier if the two weren’t together for years?

 Instead of making their marriage a whole Shakespearean tragedy with Shiv Sena threatening and Ayesha’s family registering a case, why not let the two get married in peace. Isn’t this what the Indian films try to depict that love transcends all including border where the most recent example is of Veer-Zara.

Gillete Champions

Gillete Champions

The most interesting thing however that comes to mind related to the whole incident is the Gillete Curse. A gillete ad shows Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Theirry Henry and our own Sahoaib Malik all of whom except Federer have been involved in scandalized affairs.  Is Ayesha case the Gillete curse for Shoaib?

 I hope the wedding is not called off after the whole drama. I was just wondering what will we be calling them? ShoSan? Sanaib?

P.S.  While writing this, I came to know that the police have done an initial investigation, taken Shoaib’s passport and he has affirmed to the nikah with Ayesha finally!

If passing through the qualifying round for the world cup by 4-times champions wasn’t humiliating enough, the dismal performance at the world cup  was the last straw.

And when PHF chief Qasim Zia can give comments like they didn’t have any hopes of winning but had no idea we’ll lose in this way, it makes one wonder if they didn’t go to win, why did they even bother to go to India for playing? What is the mindset of the players and the management who even before going have decided that they know they won’t win :S

And now after performing so well, the team has decided to resign! Now, this is the first time I’ve ever heard anything like this!

Anyways, there are two hilarious things related to players outfit. See the pictures!

indian hockey players outfits in worldcup 2010

Indian hockey players outfits in worldcup 2010

Check out their shoes and socks color! Orange socks with pink, yellow shoes!!!!

Team Spain

Team Spain

And then there were guys wearing Princess shirts :P:D

“I can cry like Roger; it’s a shame I can’t play like him,”

Andy Murray said overcame with emotions at the ceremony of Australian Open 2010 after losing to the greatest player of all time, Roger Federer.  It was Federer who cried last year after losing an epic 5-set battle to Nadal. However, he made up for it by completing his career slam at Roland Garros and surpassing Pete Sampras record of 14 grand slams at Wimbledon last year.

Federer with his 16 Grand Slam Trophies

Federer with his 16 Grand Slam Trophies

Before the final, it was believed that it’ll be tough one because of the H2H going in favor of Andy and his playing style resembles that of Federer so the game would be fierce battle of Federer vs Federer. But, the king cast his magic spell and won the title in straight sets 🙂

Apart from the game, I loved the part when Andy was unable to talk and Federer came over. As Andy was standing behind him, instead of facing the camera, he turned to face towards Andy and speak about him and encourage him. I know no words could’ve relieved Andy anguish from losing but the gesture does count because a year before Federer was in the same place!

Anyways, in conclusion it was a great victory and have set/equaled a few more records in men’s tennis. And best of all, the slams count for Federer doesn’t stop here. There’s a lot of tennis still left in him. And I can ’t wait to see more 🙂