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The first post of the year 2011 comes with the arrival of the first Grand Slams of the year. And this time I won’t be speculating about whom’s going to add the title to their name but reviewing an Android app focusing on Tennis Grand Slams title ‘Sports Eye Tennis Special.

The Sports Eye Tennis Special comes with loads of bundled feature for a true Tennis fan. It has the ability to gather News from various news sources related to tennis such as Australian Open, ATP, WTA, BBC, CNN, ESPN and allows me to select the source from which I want to keep up with. Same option goes for following Tennis Blogs and remaining in touch with what the experts’ opinions are. But what I loved about the app is their option to view the Player activities by getting their updates from Twitter and Facebook accounts (and yes, Federer is in the list of players:) )! The Players list consists of top 20 ATP and WTA tennis players and being up to date with their activities on and off the court in Melbourne is truly awesome!!! Tweets from official tennis sources such as Australian Open, ATP, WTA, Tennis Channel are available and in that too you have the option to select the source from which to remain updated.

And any AO app won’t be complete without Live Scores so Tennis Special also has the facility to show live scores, draws and schedule of play! And if filtering down sources wasn’t enough, the app also gives me the power to turn off the whole feature so that I don’t get distracted by extra information. From this I mean that if I don’t want to view news, I can de-select it from settings and viola the news tab won’t show in the main screen. Also, I like the fact that all information is available in one view and with a single tap I can browse through different categories of News, Blogs, Players, Scores etc. A widget for home screen is also available.

It has the option of Background Sync of information when you get connected to the internet, notification about new information and offline viewing of the news so that you don’t need to be on the net all the time just to read updates.

With the AO starting in just two days time, Tennis Special is going to be my source of information about the happenings in Melbourne and especially in Rod Laver Arena. And if you have an Android phone, do download the app from the Market and watch AO right from your cell.


Who would’ve thought (I didn’t) that Wimbledon, 2010 would be filled with such excitement, drama, disappointments; tense filled moments from the word Go! To me, it seemed tennis would take a backseat with the football word cup fever but surprise surprise there was loads of action (still on) from the first day.

Roger Federer waves to the crowd after losing quater final at wimbeldon,2010

Is this goodbye?

First, it seemed Federer would be eliminated from the first round by
Alejandro Falla. Man, was that some match for Federer fans and it was in the 5th set, that we finally glimpsed a bit of his real charisma. And we all breathed a sigh of relief just to be in the verge of our seats his second round match against Illija Bozoljac. That was another awesome match and Federer just got lucky in winning that. Otherwise, Bozo had used all he had to entertain us and maybe cause a shocking upset. The interesting part was when the match ended, the crowd applauded the loser most and instead of the tradition that the losing party leaves the court before the winner, they both left together as if it was a doubles match! And yes they both had won.

The first two matches indicated that Federer needed to play his game and he did in the next two. But eventually we saw him leave in quarter finals and with it my interest in Wimbledon has diminished except for the part that I don’t want Nadal, Murray or Djokovic to win the title. So that leaves us with one obvious choice of Berdych to go on and surprise/shock us more by winning the title.

Aisam and Bopana with Stop war, Start tennis jackets

Aisam and Bopana with Stop war, Start tennis jackets

The other highlight for me was to see Aisam and Bopana reach Quarter finals and beyond. I followed their progress from first round and wanted them to go the whole distance but alas that didn’t happen as well. However, it was a good effort for them and their jackets with ‘Stop War, Start Tennis’ did really put them in the headlines. It wasn’t India and Pakistan playing across but Pakistan-India playing side by side! Awesome effort guys in reaching top 8. A great round of applause especially for Aisam for trying and portraying a better image of his country to the world.

Isner and Mahut pose with the score baord

Isner and Mahut pose with the score baord

And now how can I miss the never ending match which finally did end after three days and took 11 hours five minutes to finish. Watching it was a treat with both Isner and Mahut as winners for me. The mental strength for Mahut who always had to serve to remain in the match, both of their perseverance, physical strength and will to keep playing is too amazing for words.

“I can cry like Roger; it’s a shame I can’t play like him,”

Andy Murray said overcame with emotions at the ceremony of Australian Open 2010 after losing to the greatest player of all time, Roger Federer.  It was Federer who cried last year after losing an epic 5-set battle to Nadal. However, he made up for it by completing his career slam at Roland Garros and surpassing Pete Sampras record of 14 grand slams at Wimbledon last year.

Federer with his 16 Grand Slam Trophies

Federer with his 16 Grand Slam Trophies

Before the final, it was believed that it’ll be tough one because of the H2H going in favor of Andy and his playing style resembles that of Federer so the game would be fierce battle of Federer vs Federer. But, the king cast his magic spell and won the title in straight sets 🙂

Apart from the game, I loved the part when Andy was unable to talk and Federer came over. As Andy was standing behind him, instead of facing the camera, he turned to face towards Andy and speak about him and encourage him. I know no words could’ve relieved Andy anguish from losing but the gesture does count because a year before Federer was in the same place!

Anyways, in conclusion it was a great victory and have set/equaled a few more records in men’s tennis. And best of all, the slams count for Federer doesn’t stop here. There’s a lot of tennis still left in him. And I can ’t wait to see more 🙂