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Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.

Cindy Crawford

Yesterday while grocery shopping I came across one of our top notch models. The interesting part was none of the other customers in the shop recognized her (I think) otherwise you see a lot of whispering around or squealing. Even my mommy thought I was wrong. All because the lady under consideration didn’t look the one you see in commercials or ramp! She was with her son of about 6 years old, looking like any other ordinary person you see in the market, sans makeup, tall as I am, average complexion with hints of acne and without any traces of glamour doing her monthly shopping rounds!

That brings me only to one conclusion that not only can makeup does wonder and transform your next-door persona to Ms. Universe façade and your photogenic features can make give you appear larger-than-life. Because of this, I think there should be disclaimer in ads, events and the likes that these people in real life don’t resemble themselves:)

All this brings to mind another skewed concept in our part of the world (made popular by ads) where everyone has to have blemish less fair complexion to get anything in life: Be it a guy for marriage or dating, a job or to show down somebody. If only complexion mattered in marital matters then every Caucasian would be happily married with no divorce rate in their part of the world with no marriages taking place in Africa and Indo-Pak. And if the skin color was a criterion for your intelligence quotient then all of us here would be out of jobs. (Btw I think it does matter everywhere, because otherwise Obama presidency wouldn’t have been such a big deal, right?)

The main theme for all the fairness cream ads that I’ve seen is that everything you want is possible only when you have a creamy white skin color. For example, one ad shows a maid in slums getting rejected by a feudal guy in the car as he passes by just because she is not fair skinned. This depressed the girl until she starts to use the miraculous cream and next time the guy passes by, he decides to marry her (maybe guys are really that shallow:P)! Woaw, if everything was that easy:P. I think the product is aptly named as Brido too!

Then there are ads about a singer who sings well but nobody attends her concerts until she starts using a sensational product which makes your skin lighter in just two-weeks, and viola her concerts have jammed packed audience. Nobody cares if she can hold a tune or not but they are all so concerned about the way she looks! Same goes with a girl who can’t get a job until the marvelous Fair and Lovely cream does the magic.

Now if the ads targeting the females weren’t enough, we now have a cream to make men complexion fair too which I think is named Fair Men! I wonder what happened to tall, dark and handsome adage. However, all these have the same old focus, you can get any hot girl only if you have a nice complexion.

I have no issues with looking presentable but I do have issues with what is being depicted in such advertisements. Can these ad companies give us a break? If they’ve to sell their product why stoop to such weird concepts and generate inferior feelings in the mass public?

Between, if anyone has used these products do let me know if they really work:P!