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There’s a saying that

Love means nothing in tennis!

It doesn’t seem to be the case in Shoaib-Sania story. Watching a re-run of the match on Geo Super on 29th march, I came across the running slide about Shoaib Malik announcing his engagement to Sania Mirza. However, the first thing that came to my mind is another rumour-scandal being telecasted on Geo. But I did texted a few Friends-and-Family about this breaking bits of news and we did their response ranged from being skeptical to hilarious with the popular opinion being Shoaib attachment to Indian girls 😉

Sania Mizra, Ayesha Siddqiuim Shoaib Malik, Sayali Bhagat

Shoaib Malik with his girls 😉

Anyways, with all the drama being played out on media these days with Pakistan rejoicing, India fuming and Shoaib alleged wife portraying herself as a victim, I have a few things to say.

a)      The wedding between the two will not be bringing peace to India-Pakistan relations. Get real, everybody! Mohsin Khan married an Indian actress; did it create a bridge between the arch rivals? Imran Khan’s marriage to Jemima Khan (Goldsmith?) didn’t make Pakistan and UK buddies, did it? And I’m sure Shoaib and Sania didn’t decide to marry to make the two countries relation cordial!

 b)      Can every news channel in Pakistan (dunno about India) stop obsessing over the wedding and playing songs after every line the utter. For example,

 Shoaib Malik met the press today. *Song*. He seemed relaxed and way in a very happy mood. *Song about being happy and in love*…[cycle repeats]…And by now if you haven’t understood the Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha love triangle listen to this song. *Mixed songs* [And yes these were the words that the news caster said last night]

 c)       Where was Ayesha in the past few months/years? Why didn’t she ask for divorce earlier if the two weren’t together for years?

 Instead of making their marriage a whole Shakespearean tragedy with Shiv Sena threatening and Ayesha’s family registering a case, why not let the two get married in peace. Isn’t this what the Indian films try to depict that love transcends all including border where the most recent example is of Veer-Zara.

Gillete Champions

Gillete Champions

The most interesting thing however that comes to mind related to the whole incident is the Gillete Curse. A gillete ad shows Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Theirry Henry and our own Sahoaib Malik all of whom except Federer have been involved in scandalized affairs.  Is Ayesha case the Gillete curse for Shoaib?

 I hope the wedding is not called off after the whole drama. I was just wondering what will we be calling them? ShoSan? Sanaib?

P.S.  While writing this, I came to know that the police have done an initial investigation, taken Shoaib’s passport and he has affirmed to the nikah with Ayesha finally!


A few days back, I came across Aman ki asha ad on Geo and thought what’s the use apart from some concerts held here and there achieving no lasting objective? Then I got to know the ads were even biased towards Indians and it infuriated me that we could have done a better job at making the ads. Just a few days later, firing across LoC started killing Pakistani soldiers. Well, there goes Aman ki aasha in the gutter.

No to IPL

No to IPL

If that wasn’t enough reply to the peace process and friendliness being extended by Pakistan, Indians came up with another scheme for humiliating us. Being a bit of sports crazy person, I am more upset at no Pakistani players selected for Indian Premier League (IPL) 3rd edition. Because I can keep sports, political relations, religious matter separate. Since ages, we keep on hearing that cricket is the only thing that can bring us together or that instead of politicians, players should meet, discuss and resolve matters and etc etc. But in reality, Indians are unable to deliver on what they say. I fail to understand why Lalit Modi and the IPL management had to pull a stunt like this. Pakistani players were banned from IPL 2.0 even when the venue was shifted to South Africa. If they didn’t want to include us even now, why go through all the drama of having their names in the auction list. Also, can they stop giving inane comments like only minimum players were to be selected and Bangladesh players are not selected so why are we making the fuss? How can they even compare the players of the nation who won T20 World Cup last year and were finalist the year before.  No matter how we are performing these days, we’ve the best T20 players in the form of Shahid Afridi, Sohail Tanvir, Umer Akmal, Mohammed Aamer. And remember the first IPL and Rajasthan Royals team who won it. Sohail Tanvir was instrumental in their victory both with bat and ball.

I’m really pleased that Pakistani channels and cable operators won’t be showing the IPL matches.  Hopefully, Pakistani commentators would refuse to go to India when asked. And I am sure all the Pakistanis are boycotting viewing the IPL after this fiasco. Because if that’s the way India reply to friendliness then we can respond in the same way. Also, Dear Pakistani Cricket Team could you guys please start to give more consistent (winning) performance so that no one takes advantage of us in this manner!

Note: This post is a bit late but better late then never in appreciating what’s amazing in our part of the world:)!

Aisam ul Haque

Aisam ul Haque

While attending a training session, I receive a text message from a friend informing me that Aisam has beaten Federer. The Federer fan that I’m I knew he had a doubles match at Basel Open the day before but I never checked his opponents. So it was really surprising and truly a colon D moment for me that a doubles team including a Pakistan player managed to beat a team which consisted of the # 1 singles player in tennis. It was a great feat and goes on to show that our players can accomplish more if given the right support and guidance. Aisam has been winning a few titles here and there at small scale tournaments but I do hope that we get a better infrastructure for producing superior players in tennis.

Mohammad Aamer

Mohammad Aamer

Next on the list are two youngsters who have created quiet a ripple in the Pakistani cricket. Mohammad Aamer,  17-year old who made his debut in both ODI and Test this career not only bowls well but was instrumental in a face-saving loss of just 7 runs for Pakistan when he made 73* last month. His phenomenal partnership with Saeed Ajmal of 103 runs is the 2nd highest ODI partnership for the 10th icket. He has created quiet a stir with his bowling and I wonder what heights he’ll reach if Wasim Akram mentors him.

Umar Akmal

Umar Akmal

And then there’s Umer Akmal with his brilliant batting performances. He amazed us in ODI and T20s and then went on to score 200+ runs in his debut Test match. With players like him in our team who wants to play and win matches, we can strengthen our team.

Maria Toor

Maria Toor

And fairer sex is not behind in this race for excellence. Maria Toor Pakay, a young girl from Wana, Waziristan was nominated for WISPA Young Player of the Year Award. Though she didn’t win the award in the ceremony held last week but it was an honor to be nominated for such a prestigious award. And do notice the area from where she hails. Of all the negativity we keep on hearing about that part of the country, this is one absolutely marvelous bit of news.

Your heat races as the bowler covers the ground. You have a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach because the results can go either way. You cheer every run made by your team; groan when they miss and scream with joy when they hit a boundary. You feel depressed when your team player wicket falls but you rejoice when the opposition wicket falls on an amazing delivery. You pace around, keep standing and sitting when a match goes into a critical, tension filled phase. You want your team players to have the best records in the tournament. You keep commenting throughout the match how to play and how to set the field:). And you feel heavenly when your team wins.

If you identify with any of these symptoms, you are a die-hard cricket fan. And this is what our whole nation went through last week, even the ones that don’t know much about cricket. It was one good thing that united us apart from all the adversities that test the strength of our nation and make us act unified. A lot of preparation went in to avoid load shedding during the final, having screens installed at parks so that people can watch together and yes the tweeting too. It was truly exhilarating when we won after playing mashAllah say very well and were crowned T20 champions. Credit really go to the boys specially Younis for his cool captaincy, Afridi for his brilliant performance with bat and ball along with an excellent catch and energy filled presence on ground, Gul for his out of the world bowling, Amir for not giving into pressure and Razzaq for keep it consistent. Besides them, everyone pitched in their best too. Going forward, I hope we keep the performance consistent and eliminate the unpredictability factor from our team.

Pakistan team T20 world cup

Pakistan team celebrating after being crowned T20 champions

After the final, Afridi dope test was taken which I believe was a targeted move and very belittling act. And in the end, I can’t help myself but rubbing the following in. India, the defending champions, who played IPL should have on top of their T20 match skills but alas they couldn’t win any of their super eight match 😛