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Grieving for Gaza

Posted: December 30, 2008 in Views on News
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Last Saturday afternoon, while switching through channels I came across breaking news on local channels about Israel air raids on Gaza. Thinking that CNN/BBC would have more latest and updated news, I turned to them. But much to my surprise (more like dismay!), they were running their usual shows and there was no mention of the attack even in the slides running. Now, someone might say it was barely dawn in the US of A but what about Britain? And aren’t these two the major news channels running around the clock informing the world about latest happenings.

It made me wonder when Mumbai was attacked; they were onto it as soon as it occurred, showing live videos, talking to analyst online, speculating about the terrorists, reading the Indians blogs and what not. Now, Gaza is bombarded with no regard to the sanctity of human life, civilians get killed and the whole world watches mutely. When Mumbai was attacked, without any concrete proof the blame was put on Pakistan and our ruler, the mighty US of A was putting pressure on us to act. Or leave Mumbai, anywhere in the world whenever there’s even a teeny weenie bit of unrest, Al-Qaeda is the scapegoat, Muslims are the terrorists giving a license to the victimized to carry out air strikes, launch a full fledged war against the offending country in the name of War Against Terror. (Ever wonder how can more bloodshed lessen terrorism?)

Coming back to Gaza attack, Israel started preparing for the war and the attacks have started but do I hear any country condemning the attacks or rebuking them? There have been a few protesting voices but none that has stood out to prevent more destruction. And to top of it off, our Lord, President Bush issues a statement that it’s because of Hamas that the attacks took place in the first place. Try imagining this situation the other way round. Would he be justifying the attacks in the same manner? And what is our dear UNO doing?

Forget about the non-Muslim nations, the more saddening part is none of the Muslim countries protested, called for a peaceful resolution or acted any other way. Who are we to blame others, when we can’t stand united for each other!