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“God, it’s killing me”

Federer in tears after the loss

Federer in tears after the loss

Watching him say that was killing me (and all his fans out there). If the match was emotionally draining, watching him breakdown during the ceremony was heart breaking. The applause he received on stage, the “love-you-fed” noises in the background goes on to show how much he is loved and appreciated all over.

I won’t comment on the match, of how it was evenly balanced and how Federer could’ve easily won it. Check the match statistics at Australian Open website which can give an idea of how it was. Apart from the Federer’s unforced errors and the performance in the 5th set, I believe the result could’ve gone any way!

But it didn’t. So looking forward, he has appeared 18 times in a final and is one shy from equaling Ivan Lendl’s record of 19 appearances in grand slams final. Also, he needs one more to grand slams trophy to equal Pete Sampras record. As Nadal said,

“Rog, sorry for today. I really know how you feel right now. Remember that you are a great champion and you are one of the best in history and you will beat Pete Sampras’ 14 titles for sure.”

Nadal giving Federer a consolation hug

Nadal giving Federer a consolation hug

He can do all that and better. Let’s see when he does that. But watching him in tears after the final has just made me realize that he’s human after all! All the time we just want him to win and break a record or set new one and he does that. I wanted him to win so badly, just makes me wonder how much he must have wanted to win the title and start the season well. But three more grand slams and other tournaments to go this year and he can always improve on the records and his ranking. And talking about ranking, he is 3260 points behind Nadal. I am not sure about how the point system works but winning the titles would surely improve his 🙂

And as somebody in AO had the banner (changing a bit)

14th Grand Slam, Roger that!

Let me show some grace as the two showed during the ceremony..Congrats, Rafa!

Best of luck for the season, Federer 🙂