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While watching the news last Saturday, which happened to be 14th of Feb and hence St. Valentine’s day and celebrated for unknown reason in our part as well, the 9’0 clock news was interrupted for important breaking news. The breaking news which took precedence over the deadly devastation caused by drone attack in Swat by our dear US of A killing at least 28 people related to attack by “danda bardar afrad” (people carrying sticks) at a valentine day special event held at Nisar Shaheed Park, DHA, Karachi. According to the news casters and ticker running on the news channel (and I am not making any of this up)

“Kaye sou afrad aurtain and bachay sameet danda bardar nay yarghmal bana liye hain. Ilaqay mein khauf o hiras phel chukka hai. Loggon nay bhaag kar apne jaan bachiye and mooatad loog zakhmi hain. Taqreeb ko multwai kardia gaya hai and baad mein hone wala concert cancel kardia gaya hai”

Loosely translated it means

“Hundreds of people including women and children are being held as hostage by the attackers. There’s an aura of fear all around the area. People ran away to save their lives (from the so-called attackers) and many got injured during the process. The event being held is stopped and the concert which was to take place later at night has been cancelled”

Now, they took their on-field reporter on line who said the situation is under control and the protestors are outside the park. To which the newscaster asked the following questions

  • How many people are kept hostage by them?
  • How many have been injured? And
  • What are the steps being taken to free the hostage?

To all these questions the reporter replied that there’s no hostage situation and nobody has been harmed. The real story is that esha prayers were taking place in a nearby mosque and the namazees (people offering prayers in the mosque) had requested the event holders to lower or turn off the music while the prayers are being held. When they didn’t entertain their request, they came over to protest against it after the prayers. Today, I found out that the people had been requesting to lower the music since zuhr prayers and since their requests were falling on deaf ears they decided to take an action.

Now, I am not at all crazy about celebrating an event which is not in our culture and religion and I am totally against using force to make people understand your point of view. When I heard the news for the first time about the event being attacked I thought that if they were trying to disrupt the function, they’ll add fuel to fire and it’ll be celebrated with more fervor the next year to spite them. And it’ll also create a bad image for the general maulvi public. But after hearing the whole story, I am amazed at how just a bit of normal news spiced up can take up/waste so much of airtime. If the above situation was news, it definitely wasn’t breaking and it sure wasn’t more important then attack on swat.

If till now, you people haven’t figured out which news channel was under discussion it was GEO News which always keeps us updated about the minute-by-minute changing situation 😛