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*All names have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved.

It started as any other day. I had slept only 3 hours the previous night and felt out-of-sync. Everything looked and felt the same, my pc was still low on RAM making me unable to even open a browser, and I went on my usual morning walk to get water and in between socializing with people. I filled the glass, walked to my friend in #Gantters team for our usual morning chit chat.

She asked if I like to eat dark chocolate and showed me an exquisitely packed Lindt bar. Since, I had a sore throat, at first I declined but then took a mm bit of it. As soon as I put it into my mouth, the whole world seemed like a colorful place, I saw the rainbow, the unicorns flying and realized that Life is Beautiful. However, in real life I must’ve made a weird facial expression which prompted #GantterFriend to tell me that yes it’s pure dark chocolate but it’s unlike any other dark chocolate and we discussed its potential uses in cakes or cookies. At the same time, I saw my #Neighbor_1 roaming around and asked him to come. I asked my #GantterFriend to offer #Neighbor_1 the chocolate. He took it with a smile, put it on his mouth, gave us a look and left while we were literally dancing with laughter.

Back at my seat, I told my #Neighbor_2 about the whole episode (after deciding about not playing the prank on him..The (A) me) but did tell him to try it out because the chocolate taste is so out-of-the-world! After the morning episode, I had forgotten all about it till I met #GantterFriend on the way to lunch with my friend from the #Alien team. She had the chocolate in her hand and told me that similar scene had occurred when she offered the chocolate piece to a friend in #Flora team. People would just eat and then literally run or disappear. The (6) bulb went on in my head and I told my #AlienFriend_1 to try it out. She did the same by walking out on me for lunch. At lunch, I decided to try this experiment with #AlienFriend_2 who ate the whole thing saying since it’s rizq she wouldn’t throw it.

After that started the whole scheming on who to target next? I picked a few victims and #Neighbor_1 and #Neighbor_2 gave their own ideas. They wanted me to try on #Cat which I refused to do. At the same time, a friend from the #ChatterBox team turned up. He took 3 pieces but ended up only eating one and instead of disappearing like others started telling the names of the people who would love to eat it. And then, a call was made to a friend in #Bird team to come discuss an assignment. And it was decided, I’ll offer the chocolate to him. Before the whole discussion, I had voiced the idea that it would’ve been really cool if we had made a video of the whole as the facial expressions on everybody faces were priceless! And so we ended up having the video of #Bird_1 eating the chocolate. In all, the lindt effect was tried on 21 people (including me). From that only a single person loved it and ate 4 pieces whereas the other 20 did the following: spat it out, went and gargled their mouth, drank lots of liquids, ate something sweet, gave us the look, threatened us (me..since I was the one going around offering) with dire consequences, asked if the chocolate had expired, questioned the mental state and so on. The interesting part is that once a person had been victimized he would offer his services by listing others on whom the effect could be tried. And we did have one popular demand ;):) And yes, credit must be given the ways by not swearing in front of me 🙂

Lindt Excellence 99% Dark Chocolate

Lindt Excellence 99% Dark Chocolate

Anyways, the chocolate being discussed over here in Lindt Dark Chocolate which contains 99% cocoa which literally means that it’s almost in the pure form. Dark chocolates are bitter sweet but it was only bitter and it tasted…well, its taste can’t be explained. You just have to eat it and decide:)! As for me, I have decided to lay low for a while and stop accepting eating stuff from others.



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Venue:           Entertainment area, Basement
Time:             any time during the second half
Duration:        20-30 minutes
Participants:   Em, Auby, Lubz and I
Purpose:        Foosball match!

We have been following this pattern for at least half a month without even realizing our (I am definitely in our part) addiction. It would start when one of us wouldn’t be in the mood to work (are we, ever? ;)) and message each other on Vypress about everyone’s free time to schedule a time for playing. The amazing fun part is that no matter how busy anyone would be, he/she would take the time out or finish it in a matters of minutes (due to adrenaline rush :P) to engage in our daily indulgence. We had gotten so involved in it that once I even created a private chat room for the four of us on Vypress so that we can group chat and reach a decision about the time.

With lubz playing as an attacker and I on the defense we would take on Em-Auby duo, and they would change positions depending on the game situation. We tried changing our roles too but it didn’t work out (8 players were too many for me to handle!). I have to admit we lose (by close margin) more matches then we win but all the matches are highly enjoyable. And playing mixed doubles is amusing too because your own tactics gets used against you! It’s the only time in the day when I laugh my heads off on Em’s jokes about pathans, on my own stupid mistakes when I am unable to stop a goal or when Em or Auby scores a goal for us:).

It’s been a total pleasure learning and playing foosballs! And day by day, we are getting better and sooner we’ll be able to beat the guys more then they beat us at it;)

P.S. Em came up with the creative acronym ‘f4f – Free for foosballs’ to save time on our chats for play time scheduling!

In the current economic crisis in which every other shop has a sale or they are closing down, our food industry seems to be flourishing. Instead of lowering down the prices, or offering packages their prices are sky rocketing. And does it affect their business? No, Because at least in Karachi the only entertainment you get is to eat out and wherever you go, no matter which area, the restaurants/khokas/delis are always bustling with people. So, if anybody wants to invest and start a new business they should start try their hands in the food business.

Anyways, I always bring food from home at office because

  • A) I don’t have to do a single thing as mommy dear just hand me the whole package to take along
  • B) And, when I don’t bring it, I am really not a fan of ordering from average (?) class places (no offence intended to any of those places) like Kaybees, Karachi Food and the likes because you “always” always get/find additional toppings not ordered with the food. The toppings would be appreciated from the citizen of Far East Oriental countries but they don’t go down well with me.

So, in the rare days when I don’t bring lunch from home which is usually Fridays, and we don’t go out for lunch, I have to find somebody who would order from a bit above average places which wouldn’t put a big dent on the pocket. And since I am usually concerned about the serving size, I always have to order extra. Because I do need to eat to live and work! And if somebody is thinking I am putting on weight just because of my eating obsession, believe me I used to eat more in my skinny days!!

And here the sad part about my ordeals of ordering from KFC. A month back they had a deal of Zinger + Cold Drink for PKR. 150/= [The actual meal would cost PKR 280/=]. In my naivety that I’ll get the actual zinger for this lowered price, my KFC-partner and I decided to order the deal. However what we got was a mini sized burger with a tiny piece of chicken in between, something that they would give away in a kiddy meal so that I had to eat more junk food to stop my stomach rumbling. At that time, I decided I am not going to order any more deals from KFC.

The ordeal continued when last Friday, I had to order again and the KFC-partner came up with idea of ordering from their again because now they have a twister deal for 150 bucks. In Urdu there’s a saying about “doodh ka jala chach bhi phonk phonk ke peeta hai” but my glass-is-half-full thinking persuaded me that lightning doesn’t strike twice at the same place, I placed the order for a zinger meal which costs PKR 320/= (I was still cautious) for me and a twister deal for the KFC fan.

Now if you are thinking, my appetite should be satisfied with the whole zinger meal then read the following very carefully. What I received was the same kfc junior that must’ve been left from their deal days, and the KFC fan club member instead of having the twister deal had Zinger Extreme (talk about being lucky!). I was so furious because I had paid too much for a silly little burger and they had charged 10 extra bucks for coming down the road to deliver. However, a resolution now: No more ordering from KFC for me!

A year back I came across Laws of Attraction philosophy which in simple terms means that you attract things in your life which you think of. (They even made a movie out of this concept!). So maybe I was very skeptical of KFC orders, or it was fate or karma or whatever but one thing is decided for sure. No to KFC at least in near future.

P.S. I took the picture of the KFC Zinger I had last week. For unknown reasons, WP would add the image to its gallery and not insert in the post as directed. Will try adding when WP permits a simple act of adding media to the post!

The tale of a day

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I had a freaking weird day yesterday in which I went through the emotions of being surprised, disgusted, feeling ill and having a fit of hysterical laugher to name a few.

This part relates to being surprised at unforeseen happenings. On waking up I found that there were 3 more additional pimples which didn’t exist when I went to sleep. It wasn’t a pleasant surprise because when you are already running late for office nothing can be done. I guess there was nothing I could’ve done even when I had time on my hand. One of my friends has an interesting theory about getting ride of acne but alas! I can’t try it out right now to test it:):P!

And as I mentioned, I was already a bit late, I decided to skip on wearing lenses and thought about taking them with me as getting them in my eyes as soon I get to work. And when I got to work, I decided since I can see everything I want to see clearly (the screen is just inches away!) I can skip the lenses part. Here comes the disappointment part. Before I could start working, I considered about writing a post about Federer since I was a bit devastated about the loss. And loads of people were rubbing it in so I decided on rearranging my priorities viola! here I go.

This part is about sickness. All was going well, till I noticed a flu coming on. Now I was all healthy coming in to work and just after 3 hours stay in office, I have a runny nose and eyes which some people take it as if I have been crying badly. And on top of that there was no tissue box on my table (they usually end in a day or two whenever I get flu so they were missing since last time episode) and I had to borrow from my neighbor (as usual). If that wasn’t enough somebody had exchanged seats with me. It was so high that my knees were coming at the same height as my table and I couldn’t sit properly since all I do is type most of the day and the keyboard was somewhere below the knees. And the cheery on top was the chair wasn’t going down and I had to really lean back to touch the chair back. Sitting in an awkward posture with the flu made me ache all over all day long. After lunch, I decided to put lenses in the eyes because I was beginning to have a headache (a rarity alhamdulilah with me!) but things got drastically red when my right eye wouldn’t accept it and I had no solution.

With all this going on and only halfway through the day, my pool partner and I decided to take a break and play! But much to our annoyance every time we would turn up somebody else would be beginning to play. This part is termed as bad timing.

As they say something like that ‘All is well that ends well.’ My work day ended with laughter/happiness. All day long, I was writing/saying weird things. I would mean something else but when I would write the same exact thing, something else would come out. Anyways, I wanted to ask somebody why auto complete option is missing from a page. And since I couldn’t remember the term, I ended up giving the description of the concept and tried giving examples that when you type in google search/firefox it provides option etc etc. But before I can do all this, he asked me what am I talking about? Then I read the stuff I had written and I realized even if I was the one trying to understand what is being explained I wouldn’t have understood a single thing. This tickled my funny bones so much that I laughed all the way till I reached home. And ohh I didn’t have fly anymore!

Today when I got back to work, my hear skipped a beat when I reached my cubicle. Surprise again. Lying there on my desk was the laptop which I had forgot to lock inside the cupboard yesterday. But since it was present there with no harm done, my neck is saved!

But yesterday’s cycle didn’t repeat today (except from a rude exchange with somebody!) because alhamdulilah say today I am saying/writing correct things, haven’t fallen sick, have played and (won:P) the pool match and have actually gotten some work done too 🙂